Lite touch

Discover LiteTouch™: LiteTouch™ is the world’s smallest Erbium YAG dental laser for both soft and hard tissue dental treatments. Its unique Laser-in-Handpiece™ technology houses the entire laser mechanism within an impressively small chamber (just 12cm long, with a 2.5cm diameter). This innovative solution mimics the feel of a turbine drill, yet incorporates the laser’s unique benefits: micro surgery, faster healing, minimal invasive treatments, and higher patient acceptance.

Next-Generation Laser Dentistry: Light Instruments recently launched its newest LiteTouch™ model, continuing to realize the company’s vision of developing the latest cutting-edge technologies for lasers in dentistry. In addition to the cutting-edge Er:YAG dental laser with Laser-in-Handpiece technology, the new model features an intuitive touchscreen for complete control, with various adjustable preset options and comprehensive status updates. This powerful function, coupled with the LiteTouch™ applicator’s unmatched maneuverability, enables dental practitioners to perform procedures quickly and easily, with no reduction in quality. Thanks to this unique utility, new LiteTouch™ users will enjoy a very short learning curve.

Award-Winning Design: Intuitive and appealing, the design of the new LiteTouch™ model impressed the Red Dot jury, winning the highly-coveted Red Dot Award for 2016. This new model is significantly smaller, with a compact, lightweight, streamlined design that has a uniquely small footprint, taking up minimal space. It is also easily portable for maximum convenience. The new LiteTouch™ is available in a variety of attractive colors with modern lasing illumination, and contributes to a welcoming clinic atmosphere.

Global Success: It may have only a small footprint in the clinic, yet LiteTouch™ stands out around the globe, becoming an indispensable device in leading clinics on almost every continent. Light Instruments is committed to support the requirements of its customers worldwide, and this new model is adapted to fulfill those precise needs. Every Light Instruments customer is assured the very best support thanks to the company’s customer service division, which establishes a new benchmark for excellence in the dental laser industry.